What makes Jungle Freeze different?

Our delightful treats are made of vanilla soft-serve ice cream.  With our specialized equipment, the soft-serve and slush treats serve 8 flavors with the ability to combine flavors within one serving for seemingly limitless offerings.  The flavor choice is swirled within the vanilla ice cream base.  The delicious flavors will keep your customers coming back for more!


Our build-out design is a charming, movie-like set including a monkey and guerilla jungle theme.  Bright colorful color-scheme and whimsical dispensers are sure to charm your customers of all ages.




Blue Goo

Blue Hawaiian Coconut

Banana Ripple

Sea Tropical Orange

Butter Pecan

Mocha Cappuccino


Banana Splits

Ice Cream Cones

Ice Cream Cups

Slush Drinks


Ice Cream Treats 

swirled with assorted

topping flavors.

Cando toppings also

available to choose from.