Jungle Freeze Ongoing Fees 

In line with standard Franchisors procedures, Jungle Freeze generates their income from an ongoing Management Fee.

Our fees are currently fixed at $0000 per month.  This is paid by the Franchisee to the Franchisor on a monthly basis.

All Franchisees also pay a monthly Marketing Fee of $0000, which goes into a central marketing fund.

This covers any national marketing activities and website developments.


Role of the Jungle Freeze Franchisee

Franchisees are responsible for the management of the business on a day-to-day basis.  This covers stock

control, management of staff, customer service and of course solving any problems that you encounter.  You will

be responsible for ensuring that your business accounts and administration are managed effectively in accordance

with appropriate regulations and tax laws.


Investment Levels

The start-up costs for the business are listed within this website under Franchise Pricing.  This details everything that you

will need to purchase to establish a Jungle Freeze franchise.

As part of our Franchisee selection process, we will help you to develop a business plan which can be shared with

your bank to help you raise finance if required.


How Much can I Earn?

We have developed detailed financial models based upon our own experiences and we will happily share these with 

you once we have had an initial meeting to discuss your suitability.  But to give you an idea, our projections show that 

the average shop will generate a profit of up to $00000 a year, once it is fully operational.